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Jaden Smith Imagine

And I’m back, guys! So sorry for not posting:( those exams… so anyways, I am back and I am back with Jaden Smith imagine, so enjoy. Send me everything that you want to send, I love you all. 

"Hi, Jayden." You hugged him and kissed his cheek as you came in to the restaurant, where you had a meeting with him. I would’ve said "a date" rather than "a meeting", but there was something important that you had to talk to Jaden about.

"Hi, baby. How’s your day so far?" He asked sipping his drink.

"Good…" You tried your best not to look nervous or anxious.

"Yeah? So far so good?" 

"Mhm…I need to talk to you." You looked at him for the first time since you entered the restaurant.

"Sure, go on. What’s up?" He looked so happy and peaceful and saying this to him broke your heart.

"I think we need to break up." You waited for a while, gave him some time to adjust and continued. "Before you say anything, it will be better that way, you’re going on tour and I can’t go with you, so what’s the point of trying to do it? There will be hundreds of girls who would love to seduce you and I will feel lonely and bad, so can we just break up?" There was an awkward silence after your little speech. You couldn’t look up, you just couldn’t look at him.

"I am sorry that you don’t see the point of us." He stood up from his seat, left some money on the table and left. And at that moment something broke inside of you. He walked away and that probably meant that you will never ever see him again. Were you ready for this? Certainly not. But you just ruined your whole life because you were scared of fighting for your relationship.

Jaden’s POV.

I was furious. AS soon as I walked out of the restaurant I started feeling guilty. I secretly was hoping that she would run after me. But she didn’t. Why was she doing this, I thought she loved me and our relationship was serious and I thought we were happy. I was so ready to having a family with her, I genuinely thought she was the one. My mind was racing and I didn’t even notice that by the time that I got home there were tears in my eyes. 

1 month later.

Y/N’s POV.

It still hurt to think about him, but honestly it wasn’t that bad. I missed him, but my life was back to normal after a couple of days that I spent crying. Thanks God for my best friends. I knew that he was back from his tour and we even started texting each other, but it felt like there was this awkward tension between us.

Jaden’s POV.

During the whole tour I missed her. She was a missing piece in my life and I knew that, everyone in my crew and family knew that. So I started texting her, surprisingly she replied to my messages and we decided to meet for a drink. That day I was super nervous, the same feeling I had when we were having our first date. I was anxiously glancing at the clock every now and then, when she came in the restaurant. She looked fresh and gorgeous. Frankly, I was hoping that she will come in all sad and exhausted and will ask me to take her back, but that didn’t happen. What if she didn’t want me back after all? What if she had already found someone else? Someone better? 

"Hi!" I greeted her smiling, hoping that I looked at least a little bit happy.

"Hello. How are you?" She sat down and smiled. And in that moment I lost every doubt about not being with her. I had to have her back, she’s the one and I knew that for sure. I just had to make her understand that and everything will be fine again.

"I’m good, you?"

"I am okay."

"We need to talk."

"Alright." She looked so…naive. Like she didn’t even have an idea of what I was going to talk to her about. She used to understand me so well, there was a special connection between us and right now I felt like she was not the same Y/N that I left in the restaurant that day. I’d been planning this conversation for the whole time that I was on tour and right now I was not sure anymore if I needed it. I loved her for sure, but what if she’s changed so much that it will be impossible to build the same relationship that we had a month ago? 

"Jaden,I am sorr…" I didn’t let her finish, I bent over the table and kissed her. The feeling of her lips on mine that was all I needed to know that nothing has changed, we were made for each other. We were made to be together and I was ready to make this work. God I missed her. I missed her scent, I missed her lips. The kiss was sweet, but it said everything that had to be said. We loved each other and I knew that I was the one who was in her heart. I couldn’t describe how happy I was at that moment, the break up was stupid, but we were finally together and that was all I needed to know that everything will be alright. When she pulled away for air she smiled and I was lost in her eyes, she always was the only person who looked at me with so much love, no matter what we were doing: kissing, laughing, making love, watching TV, cooking, arguing. She rested her forehead on mine and looked into my eyes.

"I’m so sorry, Jaden, I love you." She whispered and I got shivers.

"I love you too, I will never let you go again." And we kissed again.

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